Who We Are.


The firm of Gubb and Bongartz Nonprofit Consulting is dedicated to helping Vermont’s nonprofit organizations reach their full potential to fulfill their critical roles in improving the lives of their friends, neighbors and community. Cynthia Gubb and Seth Bongartz have extensive experience in nonprofit management, governance and fundraising. Both have spent the majority of their careers in and around the nonprofit sector.

Why we started our firm.

Cynthia Gubb

“I have loved working with Vermont nonprofit organizations first in my role as a Community Relations Specialist and as Director of Community Development for Chittenden Bank, then moving to the other side of the table with Burr and Burton Academy as Director of Development. The satisfaction that comes from telling an authentic story generating lasting support for an organization is my reason for continuing in this field. I want to share my expertise and what I have learned over the years. I have worked with nonprofits from around the state and I am always amazed at the dedication and passion each organization exhibits for their particular mission. We are lucky to live and work in a state where our citizens see a need, jump in to help fill it, and figure out creative ways to support it long-term.”

Seth Bongartz

Seth Bongartz“I have worked for nonprofits, started nonprofits, provided legal services for nonprofits and served as board chair of several nonprofits at the local, state and national levels. My nonprofit work has defined my adult life. As I neared retirement as President of Hildene I realized that I wanted to stay meaningfully involved. I have learned a lot about nonprofit effectiveness, in particular the importance of clarity of mission and purpose, effective branding and productive governance. Cindy has a particular expertise in fundraising, so we compliment each other well. As we discussed the possibility of forming a consulting business, we quickly agreed that we wanted to focus on Vermont’s small and mid-sized nonprofits, where we saw we could create real value at an affordable price. We care a lot about Vermont and believe deeply in the role of our nonprofit network. We want to help.”

Please see our resumes for more detailed information:
Cynthia Gubb Resume                Seth Bongartz Resume

What we do.

Gubb and Bongartz recognize and appreciate the vast majority of Vermont’s nonprofit organizations are run by dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time and effort, but often need help understanding the distinctly different roles of board and staff, and how to successfully raise the financial support needed to meet their mission. Each nonprofit organization’s mission has a signature focus with specific needs and a unique culture. Gubb and Bongartz will help your organization with the following:

  • Mission/Purpose/Vision – Branding
  • Governance
  • Fundraising Review

Testimonial from one of our first clients:

“Cynthia and Seth are thorough, considerate, and knowledgeable. Our branding and development work with them has enabled us to think beyond the here and now. The process reinvigorated our spirit and purpose. The outcome prompted us to envision a more sustainable and focused future for our organization, as well as the community we serve.”

Tammie M. Reilly
Executive Director
Greater Northshire Access Television


How we can help your organization.

We will spend time getting to know both the work of the organization and those involved, from the board to the executive director. We will help you sort out issues, prioritize goals and set your organization on a pathway to a more sustainable future. Following a lot of preliminary work, most engagements involve two retreat days (sometimes back-to-back days and sometimes separated by several weeks) and a comprehensive follow-up report. Working closely with the director and board, we focus on:




  • An assessment and potential clarification of your current mission and vision, helping your organization concisely and clearly identify your purpose and the way it is presented to the world.
  • Review of your governance structure and helping the board and director gain clarity with regard to the responsibilities of the board and executive director. We also help those involved gain insight into effective management skills and productive board/staff relations.
  • Developing your unique brand and helping all involved understand why an effective brand is critically important to all that you do.
  • Conduct a fundraising review, determine what you have that works/needs improvement and what you need to do to raise the funds to fulfill your mission and vision.

Anticipated results:


  • Gubb & Bongartz Nonprofit Consulting will provide your organization with a detailed report synthesizing our observations, the work of the retreat days and recommendations to help you move effectively forward.
  • We will discuss the report with you and , through those discussions, assist you in creating an action plan.
  • Provide followup as needed.


Get in Touch.

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Cynthia H. Gubb


Seth B. Bongartz